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Birmingham referendum

Other than the niggling feeling that elections were coming up and worrying about Liam Burns throwing his hat into the ring for Labour candidate before the referendum has been decided, the only opinions I have on directly elected mayors is … Continue reading

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Manifesto: Vote for Reuben

The Union court may not be well known but it keeps Council and officers are in check, Court Advocate is a young position to provide an opinion on what the Court would think of matters in front of Council and … Continue reading

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Looking forward.

The AV referendum was won by the No campaign, hats off to them, it was very no even with the low turnout. A few days have passed and supporters now have to look forward. Things I think need to happen: … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting Yes to AV, part whatever.

Last Saturday as I got home I was greeted by a tweet from my lovely MP, who being PPS to Osborne was going about his day as a good MP, totally ignoring the huge peaceful march and complaining about a … Continue reading

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I am not an unemployed single mum, yet.

I have the utmost joy of knowing people who have differing opinions to me. The main benefit to this other than a quick way of increasing my blood pressure during discussions on whatever is happening where opinions are being vocalised, … Continue reading

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Greg Hands really irks me.

Greg Hands is my MP, yesterday he raised in the commons that urban foxes were the scourge of his constituency and that they must be reclassified as vermin so they can be culled. Except, councils can cull foxes if they … Continue reading

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