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Boycott finals revision courses

Having passed my resit and got my demotivational e-mail of where I rank in the year (350/377 since you ask, big up the tenth decile massive), I feel relieved to be able to say I’m a final year medical student … Continue reading

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Birmingham referendum

Other than the niggling feeling that elections were coming up and worrying about Liam Burns throwing his hat into the ring for Labour candidate before the referendum has been decided, the only opinions I have on directly elected mayors is … Continue reading

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Little bitty “fuck-you”s

My grandmother lives next to a mosque, she doesn’t mind this so much as the fact that when the mosque was built it was built in a silly area. This is not petty NIMBYism, more sensible practicalities, the mosque is … Continue reading

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Putting money where your mouth is.

Spring is here and whether the better weather is bringing out more cyclists, or coincidences of the first reading of some new cycling laws, more cyclist fatalities, and the continued bumbling of TFL in terms of cycle super-highways and junction … Continue reading

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