A shroud of darkness.

The first time I came into what was to be my room I looked into the eyes of the estate agent and asked “looks like the landlord needs to put the curtains up in this room”, about a month later I moved in and rang the landlord to enquire when would curtains or blinds be put up. He said a few days time. Peeved I erected a shower curtain rail and draped a blanket over it.

When the blinds came, at first I was happy to have something blocking the outside world a little better than my makeshift shield that was prone to falling down and a bitch to put up. The first night I came to remember most landlords have never slept in a room they are letting. Because if they did, they would realise most blinds are totally unfit for blocking out light. My room is a third floor extension in a block of mainly 2 floor houses, and while backwards facing the street lights are at the perfect light to shine over the houses to the back and into my room. Every room I’ve lived in in London has had serious light pollution problems and it upsets me so and stops me sleeping. At first I kept putting the blanket up to block out most of the light, but it was still a bitch to put up, even after buying more velcro to make it easier.

While I’m quite fond of the blanket, its not the prettiest curtain material.

The blinds were also too big for my window, so when pulled up took up a large part of the window space. In essence, during the day I had the amount of window space reduced, and during the night too much fucking light. As you can see below, you can definitely see outside with positioned to be ‘closed’.

With blinds

A few years ago my mum bought me a sewing machine, it lay gathering dust in Birmingham and having brought it down recently, I only just started using it. Youtube has successfully taught me to sew, I say successfully, as I’ve made a christmas present and now some curtains. Blackout material on one side and blue and white gingham on the other, hung up by the faithful shower curtain rail (with a fixture from the blind for added support).


So far it looks nicer, better insulation and looks like a better light blocker, although I might have to sew the “hooks” again lower down bringing the curtain higher up.

Only slightly wish I’d gone looking for some more imaginative fabric, although the gingham was cheap bringing the cost of the whole thing to roughly £25.

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