Wasting time.

Reading about the Raspberry Pi got me thinking about how little I took from ICT at school, and how I approve of attempts to teach people how to do something with computers / programmes as opposed to badly teaching of microsoft office applications. From this and loads of projects on the internet using arduino boards etc led me to buy one and some LEDs to play about in the evenings. Having made them blink and blink at certain temperatures, I followed instructions to make an intervalometer and attempted to photograph some star trails in Richmond park during the rutting season which was cold and terrifying, and limited success due to light pollution.

There a couple of projects in the works, most of which involved some sort of data logging so I bought a data logging shield for SD cards, and because I don’t know how to solder I made it badly and while the real time clock worked, SD cards weren’t being detected. New shield, now working and logging temperature and distance from an ultrasound sensor.

Here’s a graph of the temperature of the room 5ish in the afternoon as I waved the sensor about.

The companies I’m buying this all from seem keen on giving free gifts in their packages and today my mind was blown by the wonder of RBG LEDs and also the excitement of being able to use the board without the computer near by through the wizardry of a 9v battery. I’ll spare you all a video of that… Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll see how close cars come to me as I cycle along.

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2 Responses to Wasting time.

  1. Andy Simpson says:

    This isn’t wasting time, this is awesome. I’ve been meaning to get into hardware, so I’m actually a little envious that you’ve already got a couple of projects up and running.

    • Roo says:

      😀 I am glad you think so, Laurie kinda burned me up when he mentioned I’d have to do something magic to measure the distance of a moving object whilst also moving myself, but we’ll worry about that out soon. Looking at getting a GPS module next.

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