Manifesto: Vote for Reuben

The Union court may not be well known but it keeps Council and officers are in check, Court Advocate is a young position to provide an opinion on what the Court would think of matters in front of Council and other constitional issues as well as being a contact for students wanting to know more about Court matters and the Constitution.

This year I have sat on Representation and Welfare Board as Environmental officer and been involved in various Union activities in the last 4 years at Imperial. Outside college I’ve been involved in various grass roots movements as well as larger political movements.

Dependent on e-mail like a back alley junkie, I would be easily obtainable for advice on how to make a case to court, be they Union memer or not, as well as increasing student knowledge of court.

I look forward to bridging the gap between council and court and to be approachable to all students and can assure you I would be a perfectly adequate advocate.

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