Free from the shackles of bland stamps.

An emerging reason for me to support the dissolution of the monarchy is that in the last 50 years the Royals haven’t done much. Their power, influence and ability to act as figureheads has all but gone, yet they are honoured in many everyday circumstances. Since becoming interested in philately I have been both astonished by what has and is featured on them and as much by what is not. Stamps (and to a similar extent currency) are everyday propaganda in our pockets and yet casual searches show that while countries do so, the UK has been restrained by the perceived requirement to put old Lizzie everywhere, as such casual searches for thematic series of stamps are coming up with nothing. For instance, I am genuinely surprised (and bear in mind I have stamps of Aberystwyth University and various cathedrals) that no stamps have been made with social housing developments on them. In the post war boom of social housing construction is when I would have expected them to be released, likewise reading the Athenian Constitution again (something I recommend you all do) there doesn’t seem to be any from around the world honouring how democracy came about. Which leads me to realise, someone sits down and chooses what goes on stamps, someone pitches ideas and someone approves them.

I want a job deciding what is on stamps.

While the queen remains, and the monarchy, we’re going to left lumbered with bland side profiles of people who mean relatively little compared to many other themes.

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2 Responses to Free from the shackles of bland stamps.

  1. Bibby says:

    haha, socialist realism art on stamps instead of the queen, fair enough – but I recommend reading this article from Mitchell or the book from Paxman for a closer look at why the quirky relationship we have with the monarchy can’t be all that bad :

    1) ‘The monarchy is overwhelmingly, gloriously, intentionally unfair – that’s the point.’ ( )

    2) ‘There comes a moment in any consideration of monarchy when rational thought is drowned out by sentimentality, religiosity and what any republican would dismiss as mere drivel.’ ( )

    • Roo says:

      Ech, its not socialist realism art really, its just propaganda, and much removed from the monarchy. Like, its surprising how many stamps celebrate the unions, even during Thatcher era there were stamps celebrating the TUC etc.

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