Imperial student missing (My MP has probably blocked me)

Anthony Soh, a student at Imperial College London has been missing for two weeks. He was last seen in Kensington on the evening of 22/03/2011 at around 11pm. This picture was taken that night, so features what he would have been wearing: A checked blue/white/green hooded top. He was also wearing blue jeans, a purple t-shirt and blue suede plimsolls.

Further details, including information on how you can help, can be found here. Thank you!

Edit: Mr Hands has now tweeted the information,  thanks to @pixiegigs for apparently getting him to do so: I’m assuming I’ve been blocked.

Anthony Soh went missing nearly two weeks ago, last seen leaving Imperial College Union, thought to have been heading back to his halls in Paddington. Rightly or wrongly, I have a sort of emotional attachment to this student I’ve never met, it makes me sad to think that other missing persons are arbitrarily shot into the spot light while others remain small and some never talked about. I’m glad that while it has been reported in some local press and been on social media, obviously, and I have done that tiny amount that is sharing details. However, I am not a major conduit for information to be spread, and honestly, I’m not sure what more I could do to help. Is clicking a button or typing a few words enough? I’m not sure how much it helps, but the more people who know the more likely information might come about. Anyway, Greg Hands retweeted that the Met have released photos of some anarchists they want to speak to / arrest, sure good, crimes have been committed, justice and the like should be done, I guess.

I, however, prioritise the information about a missing person and value it more than the windows that got smashed and the mess of a few fires, I tweeted at my MP (whose constituency has an IC halls within it, not to mention a large number of other students and staff) could he retweet the details and CCTV released by the Met about Anthony. Apparently not. I am actually baffled by this, how someone can choose to click to RT one thing and not another for essentially the same purpose “do you know / have you seen these people, the police want to know” and yeah, it has just made me angry.

I’ve no idea if I’ve been blocked, either way I’m a bit offended, and if I haven’t Mr Hands is behaving poorly, I’ve never swore or been aggressive towards Mr Hands and I can’t fathom why he feels that this is not worthy of disseminating.

Please go here and pass on the details released by the met

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