Today: not so irked.

Praise when praise is due, my MP isn’t evil and while I criticise him I should be fair and point out when he isn’t irking me.

Today Greg Hands met with the North Korean diplomat to present him with a dossier of human rights abuses occurring in North Korea, and also introduced him to defectors. This I think we can agree that abuses should be called out, he said he was shoved by the diplomat on the way out, I can’t comment on that or whether it innocent or not. But yes, well done Greg, today I do not hold you in contempt.

As always, I clicked to see had he got any responses, I wonder what its like to have support from people who say things like this or this.

I mean the Japanese earthquake and tsunami aren’t comparable to the abuses of North Korea, and I don’t see what the two have to do with each other, had the earthquake not struck and killed over 10000 people in a couple of days would the world be focussed right now on the plight of the North Koreans, no, almost certainly not.

The second one just peddles a racist stereotype. I wonder if Greg likes these words of support. I hope he likes mine (I doubt it).

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