A grand ole day of spring.

So I’ve been not riding my bike much lately (any of them), but sometimes when I’m running late its still the fastest way about town and I either ride one handed with a sling or take it out and be careful. (On a side note I need to either switch the cranks or get some single crank bolts because the chain ring is well wobbly and coming loose all the time with the doubles in there, I hope they come in pink or celeste).

Any way, having not showered a while I opted to ride in than rush and turn up stinky, because I was going for lunch at Gray’s Inn. My father did his pupilage and was called to the bar there and so when he comes down to the Royal Court of Justice he tends to go to there for lunch. Suited up I was as I rode on the polo bike and as I like to take the scenic routes when I can, I decided to go via the palace. As I came from Victoria traffic got shitty and then I hit the Changing of the Guard, something I’ve not seen since I was a child. Awesome pomp and ridiculous circumstance grinding traffic to a halt in zone 1, this shit is great. I weaved to the front and got a nice little view, behind me people started beeping. Truly this is the dumbest and most infuriating aspect of car horns. Car horns are really only meant to be used at night, coming to blind corners, tunnels or stuff like that to warn people you’re coming, not to vent rage. At best in cities they are useful to grab someone’s attention when they are sitting at a green unaware the lights have changed. However, most the time people are beeping at unmoving traffic much like a dog howls at the moon. Car accident, or road works causing havoc, beeping will not cause you to get past any faster dickwolves. Its made worse by the changing of the guard, something that occurs at the same time every day, and has police around. Oh yes, beeping will surely hurry the army and the police up. I told the irate skooter driver that beeping was useless in this case, and he was just furious because it was over running, still, beeping aint going to get past the police lines, horses or troops any fast.

After about 5 minutes we were allowed through and I was undertaken by a taxi who never got further than me because we were going into a lane where the procession was leaving by, so I got to tag on behind the flutists with 2 police on horseback giving shit to the drivers for trying to rush it. In other words, I was having a whale of a time.

Up to Holborn I carried on, and entered Gray’s Inn Fields, which is lovely. Met dad and went to eat the Hall. While it looks old, due to the Blitz the building was rebuilt in the ’50’s, thankfully they had removed all the cool stuff before hand so we got waited on in a room which part of a 16th Century Spanish galleon (spoil of war to Elizabeth I) with portraits and coats of arms everywhere. Father and I were well out of place, especially when the High Court judges came in and sat at the head table under the portrait of Lizzy numero uno (which legend has it is a fake).  Anyhow, its pleasant to be in there and the grub aint bad either.

On my way home I was going down the Strand and saw Stanley Gibbons: no, not a relative, but only one of the most famous stamp selling stores! Ye GADS! I had to stop and have a look, so I went in and saw stamps worth much more than I would pay for them. £350,000, pff, just got some guys face on it (I hear stamps are a good investment but whatever). I bought some stamps :3. I saw some awesome space race ones with what I thought was Laotian, I bought them. Turns out the are from R. P. Kampuchea, I looked this up and this is the name the Khmer Rouge gave Cambodia when they were in charge *shudder*. I’ll probably write about them and the Khmer Rouge, in all likelihood the stamps will go with the “stamps what were produced while the nation’s leaders were committing genocide”.

Then I got home and found my first Chlamydia self test kit I’ve bought for work as opposed to being a skank, which is sad because it came before the Nation Chlamydia Screen Programme one. The warehouse of which is across the river, as in, it would have taken 20 minutes to deliver by hand to my house, as opposed to something I ordered yesterday getting here already :(.

Now to evans to buy some chain ring bolts and later to do some charity. Lovely.

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One Response to A grand ole day of spring.

  1. Sarah says:

    1. Jealous that you got to eat there.
    2. Every time I see Stanley Gibbons I’m reminded of you.

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